Bee Pollen

As a convenience for our loyal customers, we have now added White Earth Honey Farm's products to our online store. Note: Orders take approximately 10 days to fill.

From White Earth Honey Farm's website: Bee pollen has many health benefits and is being touted as one of nature's "super" foods or a "perfect" food. It is said to contain everything necessary to sustain life. Bees live primarily off of two things: pollen and honey. Honey provides their carbohydrates for energy and pollen provides all of their protein and nutrition. This alone is evidence of its potency. It is also very concentrated with very low calorie content. Our pollen is from Alberta, Canada. There is a very small risk of allergic reaction when taking bee pollen. Start taking the pollen in individual granules. Once you feel comfortable with your resistance to it start increasing your dose to 1-2 tsp per day or as you feel necessary. 

Available Sizes of Bee Pollen:

220 g - $20

440 g - $30

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Bee Pollen
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