How to Order

February 2019
Dear Friends of Meadow Creek Farms,
There are a few important changes to our ordering system that we are implementing this year. This will allow us to offer the best products at the best prices. Hint: it's buying in bulk, sharing with friends, and telling Mandy exactly what you want her to grow for your family. Think of this as similar to ordering a side of beef.
Starting today until June 1, 2019 you order and pay as you go. You order the current inventory any time from now until June 1, 2019 and choose your month of delivery through the drop-down boxes. Mandy would appreciate it if you order as soon as you know what you want so she can plan and organize processing dates. You do not have to pay until you receive it.
Although the deadline for ordering for the Fall is June 1, 2019 it is recommended to order soon so Mandy can plan her upcoming season.

Step by Step Guidelines and Ordering Instructions for Meadow Creek Farms:

Choosing packages of current inventory of food

1. Look at your families’ meal preferences per month and decide what works for your family.
2. Go to, click on the “current” tab and order all products you would like to buy between now June as soon as possible (order the favorite items quickly like sausage, bacon and turkey). Remember that you can pay on delivery.
3. Choose which month you would like delivery – depending on stock of current inventory, there may not be inventory past June 1.
4. Choose payment method as you can pay upon delivery or in Increments depending on order size. Online credit card payments will be available from February 20, 2019 onward.
5. Friends and neighbors are encouraged to split packages for the best savings as most of the packages are designed for sharing. Mandy will deliver to both houses upon telephone request.
6. Freezer storage may be available upon specific telephone request to Mandy.

Choosing packages for the Fall 2019

1. Follow same steps as above except click on “order for the fall” and order all products you would like to order for Fall and Winter.
2. Choose which month or months, you would like delivery. Delivery will be from Sept 2019-Sept 2020.
3. Fall orders must be placed by June 1, 2019 with 50% deposit on all packages ordered. The remainder will be due on delivery or incrementally as agreed with Mandy.
4. Choose payment method, sharing packages or ordering freezer storage as set out above.
This year Mandy will only be raising product that is pre ordered. Mandy is a little flexible but we are trying hard to keep prices as affordable as possible for your family.
Our online store Fall Ordering has been totally updated with categories for our Current Remaining Inventory from 2018 as well as the section where you Pre-order for the Fall and beyond.
Until we meet again may the wind be at your back, Farmer Mandy