2019 Garlic Fundraiser Form


Dear Fundraising Coordinator:

Meadow Creek Farm’s 2019 Organic Garlic Fundraiser offers bags of beautiful
Hardneck Purple Garlic grown right in Alberta on our farm. Growing garlic
in Alberta is an art! Most of the garlic you find in grocery stores is
grown in China. We take great pride in growing amazing-tasting Alberta
garlic for you and your family to enjoy in your favourite recipes.

8 heads of garlic for $20
Your group keeps $5 per bag

To sign up simply add this item to your cart to download the printable
registration form. Fundraiser will be available until garlic is sold out;
likely January 2020.

Please contact Mandy directly with your questions at 1-780-650-2047.
Full details on the registration sheet.

Yours in good food,
Farmer Mandy
2019 Garlic Fundraiser Form
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