2020 Hog Production

We raise our hogs year round and distribute them in our monthly meat boxes throughout  Sept- Sept. We need an idea of how many piglets we will need to raise. This deposit program allows you to secure your families real grass finished hogs. The upfront costs to raise high quality birds is very very high. A deposit allows us to raise them for you and reduce costs by knowing who we are raising for.

Return on this deposit start when all of the 2019 inventory is sold so roughly September.

To be very clear you do not have to take all of your pork at once but it gives me a good idea of what you will be ordering in your meat boxes form approximatley, Sept 2020-Sept 2021? A Partnership, Respect and Cooperation makes this an amazing way for you to meal plan, budget and work with your farmer

1 hog provides you approximatley


12 - Pork Chops -Approx $20 per package

6- Shoulder Roasts - Approx 3-4lbs Approx $30 per roast 

3 Hams- Shank- Approx -Butt and Bonless- Aprox 180

4 Rack of  Ribs - Approx -10 lbs -$160

25lbs of sausages- Variety of Breakfast, Bratwurst, Cheese Smokies, Pepperoni and Ham Garlic( $15/lbs)

10 lbs of Bacon- Approx$200

2020 Hog Production
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Price C$400.00
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