2021 Hog Production

This program is designed for you to take your hog in the fall before Christmas.  You can still order pork thorugh out the year each month but this program will stock you up for the winter well.  Our processing stops for January and February so this is a good way to ensure that you have fresh pork for the winter months.

1 hog provides you approximatley


12 - Pork Chops -Approx $20 per package

6- Shoulder Roasts - Approx 3-4lbs Approx $30 per roast 

3 Hams- Shank- Approx -Butt and Bonless- Aprox 180

4 Rack of  Ribs - Approx -10 lbs -$160

25lbs of sausages- Variety of Breakfast, Bratwurst, Cheese Smokies, Pepperoni and Ham Garlic( $15/lbs)

10 lbs of Bacon- Approx$200 ( Can be pork slab if you prefer)


The total cost for your whole hog will come out to around $1350 but please keep in mind that includes all the processing costs assocatied with making the bacon, hams and sausage.

This package is designed to secure your product. It is perfect for sharing. Farm raised pork, true to its nature of outdoor raised pork takes time and our hogs are raised in slow , free enviroment they have a very good life. Sadly the processing costs are very high on a small farm scale so we appreciate all of you who choose to invest in a slow raised animal.


2021 Hog Production
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