$25 Garlic Bag

$25 bag approx 8 bulbs

$50 bag approx 20 bulbs

This year's drought affected size but not taste! Bulbs will be smaller than other years.

Note: If your total order will be more than $150, the $7 delivery fee will be waived. For small orders, please select ADD DELIVERY FEE to only one of the products in your basket.

There are 2 varieties of Garlic you will receive. Persian Star is a longer clove with purple stripes and a medium strength taste stores well when cured properly. Russian Red is round clove with a shorter strong taste.

Garlic needs to be treated gently like an egg that cracks. If it is bruised it will not last as long. That is why we encourage people to purchase garlic straight from the field and hang at home. The fewer times garlic is moved the longer and healthier the bulb will stay.

Our farm starts our garlic from Garlic bulbils this means we weed the garlic for three years before you receive this acclimatized Alberta Garlic. There are risks when bringing garlic seed from other zones to your field, consider that when planting. Our zone is 3A. 

Please consider that garlic can be very helpful as an anti inflammatory source!


Find garlic curing instructions and recipes here


Thank you for supporting Alberta garlic!

$25 Garlic Bag
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