35 Heads of Garlic


Expected high demand for garlic in Fall 2020- Supply will go quickly so we are encouraging bulk purchasing in late August - Sept so that you can manage your garlic needs!

35 Beautiful Heads of Mandy's Popular Alberta Raised Hardneck Garlic- Red Russian and Persian Star. Authentic, Acclimatized Alberta Garlic! Grown with pride! Due o high demand it is recommended to pre order- Payment can be at time of delivery.

1. For hard-neck garlic, due to excessive June rain the garlic will have a very moist core, The best way to store hardneck garlic bulbs, is tied in small bundles, dried and hung for easy access in the kitchen. This is why Mandy is recommending that you purchase your years worth of Garlic right at  the time of harvest.  Garlic will acclimatize to your conditions and has a better chance of longevity if it is curred and stored with you.  You can keep an eye on the quality and use the bulbs that may have more moisture and a more difficult time curring first.

1. Mincing - You can mince your garlic and put in a jar and freeze

2. Dehydrating - You can make your own powder

3. Pickle- You can pickle

4. Freeze cloves- You can freeze garlic as a clove for long use.


You can replant some of the best largest heads of garlic in the fall as well. This is an affordable way to access acclimatized northern Alberta Garlic seed.

1. Garlic is good for blood pressure, artitis and is a natural antibiotic and anti inflamitory.

35 Heads of Garlic
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