Alberta Chicken Wings

These Wings are much larger than what you would buy from the grocery store. They are full wings that you can prepare full or cut to separate the drummette, wing and tip. They are priced at $10 per lbs but you are not paying that you are paying closer to $7 per lbs under the package model.

$40 for 1 Small Wings 12 pack (makes 24 split wings, equivalent to 36 from a grocery store)
$75 for 2 Small Wings packages (makes 48 split wings, equivalent to 60 from a grocery store)

$45 for 1 Large Wings 18 pack (makes 36 split wings, equivalent to 48 from a store)
$85 for 2 Large Wings packages (makes 72 split wings, equivalent to 84 from a store)

We recommend buying 2 at a time to save costs! Packages are 2021 are looser from the processor and we must move looser packages first!

Alberta Chicken Wings
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Price C$40.00
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