Beautiful Real Alberta Garlic Medium Package

2 Bags of Beautiful Alberta grown acclimatized garlic. Grown north of Waskatenau by Mandy and her dad.  We work with this garlic for 3 years as we start it from bubils. 2020 was a wet year and so the garlic bulbs were smaller but very strong.  We raise Russian Red and Persian Star garlic. Each bag you get will have small, medium and large heads as we make a mix.( Guite a few small this season) We try and make it half and half but we are running lower on persian. We strive for 12-16 bulbs per bag but if they are smaller heads we add lots extra. The garlic needs to be kept dry, dark and cool. DO NOT PUT IN FRIDGE.  DO NOT PUT IN THE LIGHT.


 This garlic can be made into garlic butter with real garlic to be frozen, you can also dry for power or salt, mince and jar for fridge as well as freeze for longer storage if you perfer.

Beautiful Real Alberta Garlic Medium Package
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