Beef Fine Diner Package (Del)

1- 4lb sirloin roast
1- 4lb prime rib roast
1- 2lb+ tenderloin
1- pkg 2, 8-10oz rib eye steaks
1- pkg 2, 22oz sirloin steaks
1- pkg 2, 16oz T-bone steaks
2- 1.5lb pkg's, stewing beef
6- 1.5lb pkg's, lean ground



My name is Delton Jubinville, aka ‘FARMER DEL’. I have ranched/farmed my entire life and my goal has always been to operate with the least environmental footprint possible. It has been a lifelong passion of mine, to one day offer the healthiest, tastiest beef of premium quality while catering to a local market with minimal environmental impact. I have ranched many breeds of cattle in the past as well as bison and deer. I have always felt that done right, one should be able to raise beef with a superior taste that rivals the health benefits of bison and game meats. 

Our beef are grass fed/finished with a 100% grass diet.

Beef Fine Diner Package (Del)
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