Chicken Breast and Box

Chicken Breast

Individual breast packages are based on one bird one package so you will get roughly 2 lbs of breast meat. Keep in mind that the average grocery store breast package is 8-10 ounce and with allot of water.  Our breasts do not have water so you can often serve one breast with most meals for a family of four. The breast are priced at $19.95 per lbs as cutting birds on our small scale is very expensive. When you purchase the breast package you are paying closer to $15/lbs but you are actually getting all meat and one package is the equivalent of about 4 store bought breasts.

Breast - Pair $60 (4 large equivalent to 8 from the store)
Breast - Medium $120 (8 large)
Breast - Large $200 (14 large equivalent to about 26-30 from the store)

Note:  The 2021 packaging from the processor was not great we must move any packages that are looser first!

Chicken Breast and Box
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Price C$60.00
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