Cory Organic Ground Beef Cory 780-650-5005- Sold out till Sept


Beautiful organic grass-finished ground beef.

10 lb for $100

Cory Ollikka is the owner/operator of Omega Cattle. Text to confirm order and payment 780-650-5005

He has been farming for most of his life, and is the 4th generation on his family's farm near Waskatenau, Alberta.
Cory has been a Certified Organic farmer since 1999 and farms beef cattle and mixed grains and forages.  
In Beef production, Cory focuses exclusively on grass-feeding and grass-finishing his new herd of Luing Cattle, a breed from the British Isles specially bred over generations to finish exceptionally well on an exclusively grass diet (that is, with no grain).  As most people know, grass finishing maximizes the content of Omega 3 fatty acids in the meat of ruminant animals like beef cattle, making this meat a healthier choice for consumers. Although Cory's land remains Certified Organic, his new herd is not yet certified, but is raised according to Organic Standards and fed only organic grass and hay from the Certified Organic land that Cory and his family are proud to call home!  And, of course, this also means NOT using antibiotics or growth hormones in the production of his beef.


Note: To inquire about whole/half beef purchase or other cuts contact Cory directly at 780-650-5005

*Please write your order in the text box. Payment must be made to Cory directly by e-Transfer at These products are not able to be included in your Monthly Meat Box.


Cory Organic Ground Beef  Cory 780-650-5005- Sold out till Sept
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