Extra Eggs - 4 dozen

Sometimes our hens produce more eggs than we expect so we often have extra available for purchase.

4 dozen for $28 minimum order ($7/dozen)

If you commit to our Monthly Egg Subscription program for a one-year term you can get a better deal for 6-8-12 dozen at $5/dozen.

If you join our Meat Box Program with a minimum order of $150/month as well, we will waive the $5 egg delivery charge. Otherwise it will apply.

Thank you for including Meadow Creek Farms as part of your family's food system. Unlike other box grocery providers we are producing the eggs. We raise the laying hens from 12 hours old and it takes 8 months before they start to lay. Think of it as us raising your birds to provide you with the eggs you need.  Therefore we can only allow for a maximum of 2 opt outs in a 12month periord as the chickens keep laying eggs. We will work with you as much as possible and ask you to consider options for maintaining your egg order if you are going to be away. The benifit of the subscription is to keep costs down for you and the farm. It is recommeded that you consider the subscription. Extra egg orders may be postponed if there is limited supply.

1. Donate egg order to family in need

2. Donate egg order to food bank

3. Share egg order with family and friends

- Farmer Mandy

Farm fresh Alberta eggs
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