Feed a Hog Pumpkin Pick Up- Garlic Exchange

Mandy wants to make sure there is zero pumpkins in the landfills. So we will pick up your pumpkins between November 1st and November 8th. In exchange for a $25.00 generous bag of garlic ( mix of larger and smaller bulbs). Lets work together to make my hogs happy and your family stocked up on garlic! Please order asap so that we can organize logistically for pick up.

Thank you with all my heart



How this program works!

1. Order online- You can pay online, send emt or leave cash in envelop for pick up day.

2. Leave pumpkin in a garbage bag with wax and candles removed on steps

3. Mandy's team will text you,  pick up pumpkin and leave garlic!

Mandy will post pictures of the hogs enjoying your pumpkins!

Feed a Hog Pumpkin Pick Up- Garlic Exchange
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Price C$25.00
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