Garlic Gift Package

Give the gift of beautiful garlic for all occasions! 12-15 heads depending on size After garlic is harvested it needs to be cured. In curing the energy from the leaves goes into the bulbs as they dry. Remove any chunks of dirt from the roots, being careful not to bruise the garlic. Leave the roots on as they have a moderating effect on the drying rate. If you have a small amount you can spread the plants out where they are protected from the sun and rain and there is good air circulation. We hang the plants - 5 to 10. The appropriate number of plants in a string depends on their size and moisture level at harvest. You want the circulating air to be able to reach all sides of all bulbs. Hang the strings out of direct light where it is warm with good air circulation - a temperature of 27°C (80°F) is ideal and two weeks drying time is ideal. This way the bulbs dry evenly and without spoilage. You want the wrappers to dry and the garlic to retain its moisture and oils. We hang our garlic in an open shed in a breezy location. If you do not have enough air movement use fans.
Garlic Gift Package
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