Mandy's June Pick! Perfect for the camper!

For the Month of June Mandy recomends a few fun meal ideas. This package does not take too much room and is perfect to include in your families meal plan!


1. Chicken wings- 1 package 36 wings

2. 2 Chicken breast packages- 4 large breasts

3. 1- Chicken Drum package- 8 nice drums- marinate and awesome cold or hot

4. 1- pork chop package- 4 beautiful pork chops 3/4 inch thick

5. 1 - Pork Shoulder Roast- 3-4 lbs of beautiful pulled pork

6. 2- Ham garlic sausage- perfect any time

7. 2- breakfast sausage - breakfast any time

8. 1 peperoni- perfect for pizza, hot or cold

Mandy's June Pick! Perfect for the camper!
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