Pre-Order $300 Try Me Package

Get a taste of Meadow Creek Farms with a variety of chicken, pork and sausage cuts. Once you try, you'll be hooked!

Chicken Wings - 36 pcs
Drumsticks - 8 pcs
Thighs - 8 pcs
Breast - 4 pcs (2 packs of 2)

Pork chops - 8 pcs (2 packs of 4)
Pork Ribs - 2 racks of ribs

Ham Garlic sausage - 1 ring (1 lb)
Cheese Smokies - 4 pcs
Breakfast Sausage - 9 pcs approx.
Pepperoni - 1 pkg (1 lb. approx)

If you want to enjoy this package for fall/winter/spring this season you must pre-order. A 50% deposit is due on ordering to help with feed, seed and animals to grow your food. The balance is due on delivery. Installments can be arranged with Mandy.



Try Me Package
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Price C$300.00
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