Pulled Pork & Chop Package

Beautiful real pork chops from naturally raised animals.

This package contains:

3-4 - Pork Chop packages  depending on weight (4 per pack) 3/4 inchs thick

2-3 Pork shoulder roast depending on weight!

Until supplies last!

Thank you for being a part of our Village!

Customer Review 10/20/2019 Great Food
"I love Mandys pork chops. All of the chops are meaty and bog. I will not be going back to store bought.
Customer Review 04/26/2019 BEST PORK CHOPS EVER!!!"
"I can't say enough about these pork chops!! I stopped buying from the grocery store because I hated the taste. Mandy approached me and said, "Try mine!!" I was hesitant and it took me awhile but I finally gave in and BAM SOOOO Yummy, seriously THERE IS NO COMPARISON!! I pan fry them with some garlic and add some fresh lemon when they are done, so good!!!!"
Customer Review 03/14/2019 Not your store bought pork chops
"I do not like grocery store pork chops and I have to admit I was hesitant to try Mandy's but I am SO glad I did. They do not compare at all. I LOVE them, my family loves them!!"
BBQ pork chops
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