Sale!Whole Chicken Package Larger Birds

I have a story about some whole chickens! We ended up with some larger birds on our last kill as we were not able to get into the processors quite quickly enough. These birds are tasty, tender and yummy! They really are a steal of a deal!  Basically they run from 6.5 lbs to 10lbs.  I am charging $35$-40 per bird when purchased in packages ! 5 birds per package unless you specifically ask for smaller birds then you will get a few more. We need to move them quickly to free up some space so I am hoping you might consider sharing them with people you know that might appreciate a free run, happy bird that was raised slowly and lived a very good life! These birds will feed you and your family for a few meals! Feel Free to Share  and they might be just the perfect gift for the hard to buy for people in your life! This photo comes from our farm!

Thanks everyone

Sale!Whole Chicken Package Larger Birds
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