Sausage Variety Packs

Two sizes of variety packs of our delicious sausage.

4 Cheese Smokies packages
4 Ham Garlic sausage rings
4 Pork Pepperoni packages
4 Breakfast Sausage link packages (9 links per pack)


Or smaller package with 2 of each type for $130.

All current inventory is available for delivery now until it sells out (June). 
Shop now so that Mandy knows what product to reserve for you. Payment due on pickup.
Installments can be arranged with Mandy.

Note: For the upcoming season, we are only growing advance orders.
See Related Items below to pre-order this same product to enjoy in 2019/2020.

Thank you for being a part of our Village!

Free range sausage variety pack
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Price C$250.00
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