About Us

Meadow Creek Farms was born out of the desire to connect Alberta consumers directly with quality meat and field-grown vegetables. Mandy Melnyk, farms on her parents land near Waskatenau, Alberta. From an early age, she learned the value of hard work and the importance of family farms and local food systmes. Mandy has been learning how to maket things work with her operation since 2011

What We Value: We feed our animals slowly. They are fed wheat, barley, peas, . Our feed DOES NOT contain soya, canola, or corn. When accessible, we try to purchase grain from local neighbours and our sausage is all gluent free. We work with local abritors.

Our Real Outdoor Raised Chickens: We purchase our chicks and raise them from babies. Our Chickens have access to shelter but generally spend all their time outside with easy access to food and water. They graze on lots of grass and are given many greens from our vegetables.

If you want a healthy chicken then you want a chicken raised outside.Some people do raise birds outside in pens. We do not as it is not enough space,our birds have acres of grass to run on and the more exercise a bird gets the more density and nutrition it has.

Slow raised birds take about days 75-85 depending if they are a rooster or a hen and how large a person wants them. Mandy birds eat grasshoppers, earthworms, natural grit and anything green.  The sun is helpful for birds outside as well.- Hudarite and industrial birds are done in about 40 days.

We do have predators; we have a radio on at night to keep them away and our birds have shelter to run into if a bunch of ravens fly nearby.  We do loose some but have learned over the years how to try to reduce loss.

It is possible to raise a healthy outdoor bird in Alberta, you just have don’t get the luxury of fresh chicken in the middle of December. Eating in season is important for food security.  To make our model work, we ask people to think about how much chicken they eat a week, what their favorite cuts are and then, we raise you beautiful birds that are happy and outside and deliver some each month to your door.   What we do is not easy, but it is REAL and you taste the difference.  All over the world, birds are outside, we can do that in Alberta with care and respect.

Our birds are raised slow therefor they need to be slow cooked.  Don't let them tell you, it can not be done!

Our Pork: Our hogs are purchased as 20 lb ‘weaners.’ We then raise them outside in a large straw pile. We feed them a mixture of wheat, barley, grass and alfalfa. Hogs don't sweat so it is very important that they spend most of their life outside for them to develop healthy meat. This presents a conflict in farming as pigs who get lots of exercise naturally take longer to fatten or ‘finish.’ We don't push our hogs to finish quickly with high protein diets, so it takes 5-6 months for them to reach market size and they retain their natural digestive balance.

What We Don't Do: We do not use animal growth hormones or antibiotics in our feed. If a hog gets ill, we will treat it with antibiotics if necessary but not sell that hog in our meat program for at least 90 days after it has been treated. We stand firm to our commitment of providing you the healthiest hormone- and antibiotic-free animals we can raise. All of our processed meat is gluten free. We do use nitrates in our bacon as it is very difficult to make nitrate-free bacon.

Certified Organic Vegetables: We do not spray chemicals to kill weeds or add fertilizer that is not organic-based (manure). We give all our weeds and veggie tops to our hogs, turkeys and chickens. They love all the extra greens.

We are very proud of the work we do to grow the best products we can and we maximize efficiencies wherever possible to keep our prices accessible for all our customers. We believe strongly that knowing where your food comes from is the best investment you can make for your family.

How to Cook Our Products

What you need to know about Mandy's meat is that it is raised slow and lean so needs to be cooked slow to retain moisture. Customers that have been with us for years have developed their own techniques.

We have found these are the best methods:

InstantPot pressure cooker seals in moisture.

Sous vide - Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This technique produces even results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. Meat cuts are then pan-seared for added flavour.

Oven Roasted - Moist, low and slow. Average package of thighs 325-350F for 1.25 or 1.5 hours with onions, salt and water.

Pork chops - Instant pot or fast fry and roast in roaster moist for about 45 -60 min.

Hams - Fully cooked already. Just reheat slowly with moisture so they don't dry out.