Cooperation, Commitment, Passion and Respect. Let's Build a Local Food System for Your Family, Together!

For All of your Farm Raised Needs! We offer many different  packages, which helps us to cater to every situation. No matter your budget, freezer space or preference in meat cut, we have something for you. With our customizable meat box experience, the food fun is limitless and makes for great memories!

We commit to growing beautiful food for families who commit to a monthly Meat Box or Farm Fresh Egg delivery and Garlic.

We are not a grocery store. We are, however, committed to growing what we can in our climate for you in a way that is honourable, sustainable and humane. We are a small team of humans who value real food raised the slow and natural way that remains SOYA AND CORN free. The only way we can keep our prices affordable and grow our product with integrity is to know there is a family waiting to receive what we grow, and taking delivery once a month. We offer no charge delivery for orders over $150. We raise a small number of poultry and hogs to be able to make you the packages that you want and the sausages that people have come to love, made by artisans that take pride in quality. Let's talk and make a plan for your family!

We have four sizes of monthly Egg Program memberships (12 month commitment) and two sizes of custom Meat Boxes. If you buy both, we will waive our egg delivery fee. Choose only the things your family loves to eat.

Relationships are very important to us, and we invite you to become part of the Meadow Creek Farms village to find out more about our story and our values. Farmer Mandy is always available by phone or text at 780-650-2047 or email at 

Please look at our monthly packages below. Preferred payment is by e-transfer (saves your farmer transaction fees) but PayPal is also available. To pay by e-transfer click Checkout, not the PayPal icon. If you have financial considerations, we will work with you by offering payment by installment.

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